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Elevate your industry with the magic of metallic effect pigments! At Daksan Chemicals, we’re your partners in perfection. Our expertise guides you to choose the ideal grade for your every application, ensuring your project sparkles with brilliance, gloss, and opacity.

In the world of construction, we mix cement, milled sand, lime, gypsum, and sometimes even fly ash or blast furnace slag to create a powerful slurry. But here’s the secret sauce: just before molding, we introduce aluminum for that perfect touch.

When it comes to lubrication and electrical conductivity, copper powders steal the show, excelling in high-temperature anti-seize lubricants and boosting electrical flow.

And don’t forget zinc – it’s your guardian angel against corrosion. With zinc flakes, you get unbeatable barrier protection, wider contact, enhanced electrical conductivity, and top-notch anti-corrosive properties.

Join us in the journey of transforming ordinary into extraordinary with metallic magic!

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